Nourishing from Within: Healthy Gut, Healthy Animal.

Our feed solutions are designed to support gut health, contributing to overall animal wellbeing and productivity.

Why is Gut Health Important?

Consumers want products from healthy, happy animals; producers want healthy, productive animals. Healthy, high-producing animals have a well-functioning gut. This not only improves productivity and performance, but it also helps reduce the incidence of digestive problems, stimulates feed intake, and promotes digestion. A healthy gut reduces reliance on antibiotics, improves animal welfare, and contributes to environmental sustainability.

Gut Health

Our Products for Gut Health.




PigStart Life

PigStart Life

EcoTrace Fish

E.C.O.Trace® Fish

EcoTrace Standard Premix 3

E.C.O.Trace® Premix Standard III

EcoTrace Shrimp

E.C.O.Trace® Shrimp

EcoTrace Standard Premix 2

E.C.O.Trace® Premix Standard II

BetaTec Aqua

BetaTec® Aqua

EcoTrace Standard Premix 1

E.C.O.Trace® Premix Standard I

Stress Pack Xtra

Stress Pack® Xtra





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